Who are The Jolly Beggars ?

We are five devoted musicians and their mainstay a.k.a. manager. All contracted the "Ireland-virus". We travel all around the country to do just that what we like most: MAKING MUSIC !!

The current line-up counts threer musicians, briefly presented to you here :

Dirk de Vreugd jr.

One of the founding members of the band. The man has a voice so loud one might wonder why microphones are still needed. We are happy to say that thankgod for us ánd the audience, he stays more or less in control once on stage..Apart from being our lead-singer, Dirk also plays a number of Irish tin-whistles. . Occasionaly,when the mood is right, you might even see him play mouth-organ or mandola.

Freek Smits

Also an early band member..though Freek took a couple of years off. We are quite happy to say that in 2003 he rejoined the band as miracle-worker on severel stringed instruments.Whenever Freek starts a tune on his mandolin you better prepare for a fast and breathtaking rollercoaster-ride.. He also plays lead-guitar and banjo and sings.

Wouter van der Schoor

Young and turbulent. These two words accurately describe this bandmember. So far only Dirk has been able to compete with Wouter in both eating and drinking matters... ;-). Wouter joined the band in september 2006 and plays both mandolin and irish bouzouki. Prepare yourself for a rollercoasterride when he and Freek start duelling on mandolin !!

Dirk de Vreugd sr.

Oldest and..okay, wisest of all, also known as "the invisible fourth member" is Dirk sr. .He too was there when the band was first founded. This multi-functional guy takes care of virtually everything we can think of. Manager, driver, roadie, soundtechnician ....it feels we are overlooking something.... let's see....aaaahhh...right..he is the father of ...... !!..

Whenever possible, these three are joined on stage by one or more members of the Lowland Paddies;

Hanneke Nagtzaam

Plays whistles, bodhran and sings and is also very easy on the eyes!

Jasper Langenberg

Don't let his young age fool you; with his singing and accordion-playing he packs a musical punch!

Robbert Langenberg

Jasper's big brother and gifted banjo- and mandolinplayer. To top it off he also sings a mighty song!

Dennis Heijt

Plays the Irish bouzouki (like Wouter) and pleases the rest of the band and audience by not singing, or at least not in the microphone...